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Monday, December 18, 2006

umms got back N`level result. Although i pass but not happy wit my points. Didnt get my aim :( but never mind anyway .. just lyk Ms Cheong said : " N`level is ur stepping stone, the real one is O`level. must work hard for my ENG, MATH and SCI. yes.

Jus came from JAPAN, HOKKAIDO. really enjoyed myself there. mix around wit the japanese.. i get to know a lot of frens too. new expriences. it's winter time there so the weather is real cold. but felt warm cox got the warmth frm frens and host family.

wonder where is my next stop :)

3:23 PM

Thursday, April 27, 2006
umms. Mid-Yr-exam's coming. stress ..

6:41 AM

Friday, April 21, 2006
wow. finally can blog already. so happy. <<3
umms. it's international friendship day, but oso meaning to SALSA PERFORMANCE. hehes. getting so nervous and excited bout it. we practise so hard and our efforts really pays off. ((: i guess we really did done a great job in performaning the dance to the whole skool. we all turn and our steps are all in the same timing!! finally. although we hab a hard time wit all e teacher in-charge becox uf the skirt but it's OKAY!! cox i believe all of us really did enjoy ourselves while dancing.

GGian was so cute when she wore e kimono. hahas. really look lyk a lil` japanese girl. she look so sweet on tat dae.. ((: congrats to them too. they really done a great job too. their fashion walking [catwalk] was lyk so real and they won e 1st prize too.

L.0.V.E salsa. <<3
i love my sisters, GGian, jun n ofcox my partner too. hehes.


7:53 AM

Thursday, March 30, 2006
wahahas. me, ah yi, tin finally DEFEATED ah boy. umms. wow. e feeling is so... GREAT! <<3

-but im dead tml. ))):

5:57 AM

5:57 AM

Saturday, March 25, 2006
umms. went k box wit tin todae. jus lyk our ordinary routins. if we work in e afternoon, ten we'll go k box in e late morning. hehes. found out tat my singing's so nice. [i noe BHB]. ((:

finally get to see my ai ai le. so happy. but damn it. forget to give him e heart. hais. at 1st keep forgetting his hand is injuried. ten me and tin oso hit his hand. hahas. actually he's cute. but too bad, he's VIOLENT. i bet he'll dotes his galfren very much. ((:
my 1st assistance manager say HI is not a greeting. we must introduce our FAN`TASTIC or suggest add-on $1 new product. so tin decided to invent a song for it.
she used GuoMei2 de song. " hello. see me. can i.. have ur, order?" after my assistance manager heard bout it, he came to a conclusion wit jasper, our floor manager. tin is a CRAZY FROG. lyk e song -ding ding. wow. i laugh til my mouth cramp ar. hahahahas. i oso agree to it. TO A LARGE EXTEND AR!! umms. everytime ask her shut up ar, she talk more. just lyk weiwei. don understand EL. must speak to them pam's langauge ten they understand. eu noe. e EE WOWO ~ hahas.
all devil ` onli im FAIRY!! :PpP

8:03 AM

Friday, March 24, 2006
umms. cannot be lo. eu noe wad? a salesman said i look lyk sec 1!
wow. damn angry. and tat weiwei ar. laugh lyk hell lo. slap her ar. ( im slapping her everyday, but she's stil BULLING me every maths lesson. damn it!) hahas. but tat salesman got a bit bullshit la. he do look lyk one of e 5566 member. A BIT ONLI! bought 3 bottles of prefume for $10.
one for my father. mother and me. ((: just nice.
took neoprints wit weiwei. <<3
finally noe wad she's "GOOD" in. to let ppl find where is e hidden pictures tat does not relate to the background!! in e daylight, wit sun and clouds suddenly appears a shining star! somemore it's RIGHT BESIDE e sun. wow. -FABULOUS! umms. dunoe wad to say to her.
we saw [Debtor Sean Ting] and Wei Heng while decorating our neoprints halfway. helping us too. ((: giving me opinions.
laughing wit wei til we didnt noe tat e train actually arrived. lucky i saw it.

DA CHANG JIN is so nice!! <<3

7:11 AM

Wednesday, March 22, 2006
went yishun wit tin todae after skoo to hab our lunch.
after that went to find tin's 2nd "HUSBAND" lyson. our HANDSOME manager! hehes. he seem to be thinner ten e before. mayb work too much, not enough of sleep. seem pale. if he weight a bit more, he'll be more charming. ((: umms. too bad. Vel sayang off todae. long time neber see e both of them. todae was realli a great dae. cox we FINALLY hab PE. hahas. 2 months of fats! hais. wonder if i and tin transfer to North Point ten it'll be great. but cant bear to leave all e other sayangs and aunties too.
cant wait to attend sayang's sister WEDDING in malaysia. haben discuss wit my parents yet. but no matter what, im GOING!! umms. pray tat tin can go too. i believe lyson is good in adveresting "PRODUCT" and he's capable doin it. hahas. he's e best talkative salesman i ever know. umms. wish time can go by faster so tat 1st April acn reach soon!

wad to wear?
wad presents to give?
who's driving us in?

2:20 AM